What Is ICDC?

The Isle au Haut Community Development Corporation (ICDC) is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization dedicated to building and maintaining a robust year-round population on the island: it currently focuses on providing affordable rental housing and microloan opportunities. ICDC has been operating since 1990.

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Our Mission

ICDC’s mission is to support community and economic development critical to sustaining a vibrant year-round community on one of Maine’s last inhabited un-bridged islands.

ICDC’s Impact–2022

4 rental homes housing year-round families

10 year-round residents in ICDC homes

3 school children in ICDC homes

40 micro loans financed to date


About Our Board

ICDC is one of the most compelling board assignments on Isle au Haut! Created by islanders for the long-term sustainability of the community, voting membership is extended to each year-round resident: property holders who do not live on the island year-round have one vote per property. The governing board of directors is elected by members at ICDC’s annual meeting. This volunteer board is a mix of seasonal and year-round residents, which assures that the board represents a wide range of expertise, experience, and perspectives. Many a community member has served on the ICDC board.

Community Businesses

Curious to know what businesses are on the island? Check out our Business Directory for descriptions, websites, hours of operation and contact information.