Island Facts

Size, Total Sq. Miles: 12.7

Sq. Miles in Acadia National Park: 5

Year-Round Population: 40-50

Summer Population: 300

# of Tourists per Year (mostly Acadia National Park visitors in summer): 6,000-7,000

# Ferry Trips per Day, Summer:
Monday-Saturday: 5
Sundays: 2

# Ferry Trips per Day, Winter :
Monday-Saturday: 2
No Sunday service

Island Store Hours
Hours: Vary by season; visit

Internet capabilities: DSL is available everywhere on the island. Current speed near town is 35Mbps download/7Mbps upload, with slower speeds on the east side and Head Harbor. Speed upgrades are planned in the near future.

US Post Office:
Postmistress on duty 7-11am
Mailboxes accessible Mon – Sat, 7am to 5pm

Fedex & UPS: Both companies deliver to the boat company. Boat company calls recipients to notify of a package. Recipient picks up package/s at IAH dock. UPS and Fedex deliver on the boat 6 days a week. Special rates and accommodations are available to IAH businesses with high volume.