Welcome To New Residents

Do you have a small business, craft enterprise, or other form of employment that would allow you to operate from the island? Are you licensed to lobster?

Many people daydream about moving to a remote island village like ours: for those readers who can answer “yes” to the above question, that daydream could very well become a reality. To sustain a vibrant year-round community, we readily welcome new year-round residents. We particularly sound the call for families with children to attend our school; to people who can work remotely; to commercial fishermen—who would add to our fleet; to people who care about building community. Life on the island requires a certain amount of self-sufficiency, creativity, and practicality. While life here doesn’t always qualify as easy, it certainly qualifies as unique. Though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s ours. And who knows, it may very well be yours.

If you are seriously considering coming to live on Isle au Haut, we are serious about welcoming you: the Isle au Haut Community Development Corporation (ICDC) is the hand we extend. If you are interested in making the move, please fill out the Inquiry Form. ICDC owns four family rental homes that it rents out to year-round tenants. These homes periodically become available. If you think you might be a good fit for one of these homes, please indicate that in your inquiry form.

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